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made sure that the --no-svn switch can be used again.
updated package requirements.
made sure that packages on the block list are also removed from the list of available packages.
made sure that svn packages can be skipped again after the eisman command syntax has bee nchanged.
Make background for fstab change clearer

added new eisman tarball

create tag: capi2text capi2text_1_4_6_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: capi2text_1_4_6_stable_eisfair_1+64
made sure that an installed php7-fpm package is recognized when CAPI2TEXT_WEB_ACCESS='yes' has been set.
- let "install" always be the default operation mode of eisman install

don't show debug messages

Fixed versions
create tag: slims slims_1_3_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: slims_1_3_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
updated package requirements.
create tag: uucp uucp_1_0_1_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: uucp_1_0_1_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/mail/uucp/uucp_1_0_1_stable_eisfair_1+64
update date stamp.
create tag: capi2text capi2text_1_4_5_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: capi2text_1_4_5_stable_eisfair_1+64
updated date stamp.
change version to 2.7.0
create tag: mail mail_1_13_5_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: mail_1_13_5_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/mail/mail/mail_1_13_5_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag: antispam antispam_2_3_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: antispam_2_3_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag: ntp ntp_1_4_4_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: ntp_1_4_4_stable_eisfair_1+64
made sure that default command line switches are filtered from the options parameter.
squid eisfair version 2.1.3
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