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- modified file check in 'set_accessrights' function

to allow wildcards in file or directory names.

- improved performance of 'myecho' function by checking

the _CALLED_FROM_INSTALL environment variable.

fixed typo.
fixed typo.
- improved commata recognition in dos formated address lines.

- fixed line prefix handling, e.g. 'To: ', to prevent erroneous

address replacement operations, which could have cause partly

truncation of address labels.

fixed fetchmail wake command.
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change version to 3.0.0
change version to 3.0.0
fix require

change version to 3.0.0
update require

create tag: antispam antispam_2_4_1_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: antispam_2_4_1_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag: archimap archimap_1_3_6_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: archimap_1_3_6_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag: mail mail_1_14_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: mail_1_14_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/mail/mail/mail_1_14_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
updated date stamp.
fixed active_mail_user_exists function so that it allows run function for all email users.
added information about the archimap package.
added additional information about the archimap package.
modified mailing lists address lookup to prevent

'Tainted name ... for file read not permitted' errors.

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- modified virtual domain address lookup to prevent

'Tainted filename for search' errors.

- modified virtual domain aliases creation.

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recompiled Exim binaries with dsearch function enabled.
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disabled debug mode.
- fixed problem with the archive folder recognition

which prevents the exclusion of these folders from

the archive list.

- fixed problem when checking the availability of lock

files, to prevent 'line 2008: [: too many arguments'


- improved comments.

added hint to disable the archimap service before the mailbox conversion is started.
- deactived TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 for the Panda-IMAP/POP3 daemon.

- made use of the optional MAIL_DOVECOT_DO_DEBUG parameter to

activate debug logging for Dovecot-IMAP/POP3 daemon.

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added support for wildcards in path names of ham and spam mailboxes.
initialized parameter before syslogd settings are checked t prevent an error if rsyslogd is used as a replacement.
create tag: mail-dovecot mail_dovecot_1_0_0_eisfair_1+64