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change version to 3.0.10
mountfs: remount only if user_xttr,acl not set as default

message changes

update xtables-addons module for kernel 5.10.26

  1. … 86 more files in changeset.
update xtables-addons version 3.18

  1. … 85 more files in changeset.
update realtek driver for kernel 5.10.26

change version to 3.0.6
change version to 3.0.6
change version to 3.0.1
change version to 3.0.1
update syslinux version 6.04

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added fix-maildir-size.pl script.
fix typos

catch all line

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switch to dracut to generate a new initrd

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minor changes

layout changes

changes for installation with udev

    • -377
    • +271

dont touch symlink

fixed error in destination path creation, if mail-panda package is used.
update usb-stick module to syslinux 6.04

drop old isolinux.bin

change version to 3.0.5
change version to 3.0.5
update bootloader script

prevented the creation of multiple fetchmail accounts if MAIL_USER_USE_MAILONLY_PASSWORDS='no' has been set.
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install virtio_net only if arch = x86_64

update lilo.conf

add virtio_net also