jed in fli4l

- delay and iwconfig command have been moved to the end of the loop to make

sure that the script starts with a random key number and delay.

- code added to make sure that a key is not been used twice in a row.

    • -6
    • +10
additional checks added to prevent unnecessary error message

    • -9
    • +41
- regex for parameter WLAN_WEP_ROTATE corrected.

- wlankeyrotate script optimized.

typo in if clause - corrected

    • -3
    • +5
regex for parameter WLAN_WEP_ROTATE modified to better match allowed values

added note about prep script changes

prep script (etc/prep/rc400.wlan) added.

prep script added to automatically convert files to unix format

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    • +22
random time calculation modified to better cope with given time values

    • -12
    • +14
- release version placeholder corrected

- begin_script and end_script tags added

- extra shell call removed

- calculation of random time span modified

- output of command 'iwconfig $device key [$activekey]' send to null device

- while loop send to background

    • -13
    • +21
trailing '&' removed because called script is going into background itself

case variable quoted

New regular expressions for eisfair added with the following names:

ENOBLANK - neither without spaces nor empty

ENUMERIC - neither numeric (decimal) nor empty

DOT_NUMERIC - should be numeric (decimal) with dot e.g. 5.0

EDOT_NUMERIC - neither numeric (decimal) with dot e.g. 5.0 nor empty

EDOMAIN - neither valid domain name (only letters, numbers and minus

sign are allowed; parts are divided by a dot (for instance

lan.fli4l); no leading or trailing minus sign or dot) nor empty

EFQDN - neither a fully qualified domain name (should consist of a

host name and a domain name diveded by a dot; only letters,

numbers and minus sign are allowed, no leading or trailing

minus sign) nor empty

IPADDR_NETWORK - neither valid ip address nor valid network

EIPADDR_NETWORK - no valid ip address, network or empty

MAILADDR - 'not a valid mail address, use e.g. "aaaa@bbbb.ccc"

EMAILADDR - neither a mail address nor empty

CRONTAB - not a valid crontab string, use e.g. "3 5 * * *"

opt_acl check modified because it has caused an error while creating

a new boot floppy although opt_wlan hasn't been enabled at all.