Ansgar Püster

proftpd Eisfair Version 0.9.3 Step 2
Added proftpd to eisfair documentation
Documentation update reflecting Eisfair Version 0.9.3
proftpd Eisfair Version 0.9.3 Step 1
Fixed delete password of user nginx
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rsyslogd Eisfair version 1.1.9 rsyslogd 8.1910.0
Added rsyslogd 8.1910.0
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nginx Eisfair version 0.3.12
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Added nginx 1.17.4
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Added proftpd and eis64+proftpd
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New documentation
Added new menu to documentation
Set date to 2019-09-15

Added Menu "ProFTPd tools"

List ProFTPd local users

List ProFTPd virtual users

Show info about a ProFTPd virtual user

Check ProFTPd virtual users

Report current ProFTPd sessions

Lock user proftpd, if account has no encrypted password.

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Files and directories in /home/virtualhome, having

GID 1000, will be changed to GID 5000 on installation.

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Changed date to today
New configuration variable PROFTPD_AUTH_ORDER

Order of authentication check, if virtual and linux user

with the same name exist.

virtual-linux: check for virtual user before linux user.

linux-virtual: check for linux user before virtual user.

Remove /var/certs/ssl/certs/proftpd.pem on deinstall, if it is a link
Added documentation for PROFTPD_AUTH_ORDER
proftpd eisfair version 0.92

Dropped NoCertRequest from TLSOptions.

Avoid warning

mod_tls/2.7: NoCertRequest TLSOption is deprecated

Changed GID of virtual users from 1000 to 5000

to avoid problems with group proftpd.

/var/install/bin/add-group creates a non system GID

(e.g. 1000) since 20190901.

Changed AuthOrder

was: AuthOrder mod_auth_unix.c* mod_auth_file.c

now: AuthOrder mod_auth_file.c mod_auth_unix.c

mod_auth_unix.c* did not allow virtual users to use the ftp daemon.

Order now conforms to the order that was used in package pure-ftpd.

Patch for mod_ctrls.c integrated

Patch source

Avoid error message

mod_ctrls/0.9.5: error: unable to bind to local socket: Address already in use

Fixed bugs:


NAGIOS_COMMAND_#_PERFDATA was not respected.



Fixed implementation of Preview Popups for hosts and services.

Added help. Dialog for variables NAGIOS_OBJECTS_HOST_PNP and


Implementation of Preview Popups for hosts and services.

New configuration variables NAGIOS_OBJECTS_HOST_PNP

NAGIOS_OBJECTS_SERVICE_PNP (none,normal,popup).

Version 0.2.1
Enhanced library. Prepare for object renaming.
Fixed deinstall script


A valid pair of hostname and service description is required.