Claas Hilbrecht

FFL-2669: checkmk config is missing to due missing directory, update check_mk_agent
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FFL-2664: fix missing ; in isc-dhcp config
FFL-2666: fix bridge hello time ext check
FFL-2665: allow dummy device as bridge member
FFL-2664: fix missing ; in isc-dhcp config
FFL-1962: fix handling of up/downstream dhcp servers

FFL-1972: add ad ports to firewall template

FFL-1963: add checkmk ports to firewall templates

FFL-875: change/fix update_needed check logic.

FFL-875: Wenn DYNDNS_x_CHECK_WITH='none' konfiguriert wurde die Pruefung ob sich die IPv4 Adresse geaendert hat ignorieren.

FFL-1963: Name vom Script geaendert ntp->xinetd

FFL-1963: add checkmk to development build

FFL-875: use a random nameserver to check old IP address

FFL-1963: add opt_checkmk

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  1. /branches/4.0/trunk/src/packages/checkmk/check
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  2. /branches/4.0/trunk/src/packages/checkmk/doc
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FFL-1968: add config name for error/warning

FFL-1962: make sure we listen on the interace the DHCP server replies too

FFL-1965: allow bridge devices with more than two digits

FFL-1964: allow a minimum of 8 characters as a WPA-PSK

FFL-1963: build xinetd as tcp wrapper for checkmk monitoring ash script

FFL-1185: yadifad needs --enable-messages to support IP aliases

FFL-1185: Update auf 2.2.5 and try to get config working again...

FFL-1798: fix referene to openvpn helper module in opt.txt

FFL-1798: allow to add expert scripts for special openvpn routing setups

FFL-1185: fix execinfo patches and makefile

FFL-1185: update yadifa to 2.2.1

FFL-1794: remove unused variable

FFL-1794: rename OPENVPN_NO_REPLAY to OPENVPN_CHECK_REPLAY, add documentation

FFL-1794: add OpenVPN no-replay