Christoph Fritsch

FFL-2604: httpd

be more precise in the regex to check if IPv6 is enabled and further tune

the test

FFL-2604: httpd

/boot/rc.cfg does not exist if MOUNT_BOOT='no' thus better use /etc/rc.cfg

/to read config values from

FFL-2604: httpd - fix 2 issues

(1) /srv/www/include/cgi-helper-ip6 not available on router if OPT_IPV6 is

not set but but still tried to include it - which fails

(2) Output parsing via ip -4 n currently only works for VLAN interfaces

(e.g. eth0.1) correctly but fails for physical interfaces (eth0). Thus

reverted to /proc/net/arp for now which still works fine

FFL-2604: httpd - even if dual stack (IPv4 & IPv6) is configured, current

web interface does not show ipv4 addresses.

This patch fixes it. For each device IPv4 address additional IPv4 addresses

are shown. Usually devices change IPv6 addresses frequently, thus for each

device there frequently is 1 IPv4 and several IPv6 addresses shown.

This patch does not yet show IPv6-only devices in the web interface.

FFL-2531: dyndns - add provider INWX GmbH

('INWX', INWX supports

dyndns on all domains hosted/procured via them

FFL-2536: vpn: WireGuard - r59359 is missing this file for the update web


status_network.cgi from the previous commit should instead have been committed separately

(addition to show wg interfaces under tab VPN in rrdtool not as OTHER).

FFL-2536: vpn: WireGuard now also shows client private keys in the

webinterface. This way all information available in config file that can be

downloaded and in QR code are also visible in the web page. wireguard.peers

had to be changed for that but should be stable from now on.

Also some minor clean ups

FFL-2605: hwsupp: add support for FSC Futro s900 (fsc-futro-s900). This device supports both, CPU frequency via acpi-cpufreq and core temperature via k10temp

FFL-2583 opt_accounting: allow additional interfaces (e.g. VLAN-interfaces such as eth0.100)
FFL-2603 adding aliases to QoS interfaces (QoS-down, QoS-up)