Daniel Vogel

- fix output of ANSI sequences when switch --output is used

- add command line switch --no-tty to eisman upgrade

- make eisman_tree error messages more verbose

- fix version comparison when svn postfix is used

- append svn0 postfix to the minimal version when resolving a

package requirement

- quote argument lists with double quotes as suggested by Ansgar

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- filter record entries when adding a package to installed.db

- eisman changes

- add additional table fields required to query outdated packages

- fix priority problem by introducing a record sequence number to the

package database layout.

- fix query to honor the record number as third order criterion

- no more awk, but obsolete file

- fix copy&paste error in eisman_query.awk

- change some calls from awk to gawk

- change version of eisman

- integrate awk-script into eisman

- fix assignment of minimum package versions

- add filter

- add special kernel handling

- make it run / remove the most serious bugs

- work in progress version of eisman_tree.awk (completely untested)

- still missing status and url filter gedöns

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- fix exit code

- integration of eisman_update.awk

- implementation of package exclusions

- eisman upgrade as awk script (still missing package exclusion)

- move function list_packages into include file

- started work on eisman

- use colors when eisman query is used interactively

- unify setting of section filters

- redirect eisman search directly to eisman_query.awk

- always perform sorted queries with query_package_db()

- new awk script eisman_query.awk that uses query_package_db() too

- changed eisman_query.sh to be a simple wrapper for eisman_query.awk

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- create tag for database/postgresql96 1.0.7
- backup of database/postgresql96 1.0.7
- create tag for database/postgresql96 1.0.7
- backup of database/postgresql96 1.0.7
- creation of folder /tags/database/postgresql96/1.0.7_stable/_ADMIN
- creation of folder /tags/database/postgresql96/1.0.7_stable
- create tag for database/postgresql10 0.1.0
- backup of database/postgresql10 0.1.0
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- creation of package bundle info for package 'eisfair-64+postgresql10'
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