Jürgen Edner

fixed error when selecting an existing key file, which caused an openssl error message because the alternate key wasn't used.
changed default sslpath to /var/certs/ssl.
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added support for the --quiet command line switch.
made sure that messages are suppressed when removing a cron job.
removed obsolete code.
updated package requirements.
updated script header.
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  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
updated package requirements.
relocated preinstall.sh within package structure.
removed unrequired base package check.
updated files to v3.4.2.
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create tag: nextcloud nextcloud_1_6_4_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: nextcloud_1_6_4_stable_eisfair_noarch
added Nextcloud program files 15.0.7.
create tag: socat socat_1_2_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: socat_1_2_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/netutils/socat/socat_1_2_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
fixed double index variable.
create tag: nextcloud nextcloud_1_6_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: nextcloud_1_6_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
updated php package versions.
made sure that parsed package names are converted to lowercase.
added script to update certificates.
removed obsolete versions.
added Nextcloud program files 15.0.6.
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fixed syntax error.
fixed syntax error.
recheck load status on start.
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fixed path to send_file_from_cmd.sh script.
update roundcube to v1.3.9.
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fixed typo.