Jürgen Edner

added new functions to request the number of installed apps, the number of apps to be updated and the number and names of the apps to be updated.
- improved handling of optional command line switches '-H' and '-u'.

- made use of the function 'numeric_to_unit' from jedlib instead of using a custom function.

- removed obsolete functions 'unit_value' and 'round_value'.

- fixed memory unit error because the api returns KB instead of bytes.

- added warning and critical values to performance data.

- improved function 'actusers' to return the number of active users related to the number of total users.

improved function 'numeric_to_unit', added auto-mode and option to set the number of decimals.
made sure that the capi restart marker is only created if CAPI2TEXT_SOURCE='capi2text' has been set.
updated jedlib file.
updated package requirements and changed status to 'stable'.
create tag: nut nut_1_1_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: nut_1_1_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/system/nut/nut_1_1_3_stable_eisfair_1+64
updated package requirements.
create tag: archimap archimap_1_3_4_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: archimap_1_3_4_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag: certs_dehydrated certs_dehydrated_1_1_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
create tag folder: certs_dehydrated_1_1_3_stable_eisfair_noarch
added default DirectoryIndex file.
create tag: libespeak libespeak_1_2_0_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: libespeak_1_2_0_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag: espeak espeak_1_2_0_stable_eisfair_1+64
create tag folder: espeak_1_2_0_stable_eisfair_1+64
  1. /tags/misc/espeak/espeak_1_2_0_stable_eisfair_1+64
fixed wget.sh path.
updated path in header.
improved curl reply analysis.
added check of PHP CLI cache settings.
    • binary
added check of PHP CLI cache settings.
added check of PHP CLI cache settings.
fixed default webroot path.
changed wording.
made sure that the mbrola destination directory exists before downloading and extracting the files.
updated script header.
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    • +1
updated script header.
updated script header.
    • -1
    • +1
    • -1
    • +1
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